Friday, August 26, 2011

Philosophocakes - Short and Sweet

The Flame

I have seen the flame burning white
in a place cool and green,
deep, deep inside, at the core,
the very centre of my being.

I have felt the power of inner calm,
and seen the desire of a child
melt in the flame to reveal
a man, and infinity

C. Lowe - 1988

When I Die

When I die, when my soul's set free
all that will remain of me
is the love I've given, the heart's I've known -
When my body's dead, my spirit flown.

The good of a man, the smile of his face
are the things his death cannot erase.
Capacity for loving, acts of giving
are what make a life worth living.

Seek reward in love returned -
the smile in the eyes of those who have learned
that you love them;
it is through them that you will live on.

C. Lowe - 1988

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