Friday, August 19, 2011

Cell of Glass

Cell of Glass

Bud to petal, stem to leaf,
ever quietly as a thief.
Taste this nectar, test those wings
whilst all around nature sings.

The cruelest fate, a Cell of Glass;
sight unobscured by stone or bars
and life's rich pageant just outside
stirs your heart and passes by...

Cage a creature born to fly,
watch its beauty fade, its spirit die.
An empty soul, a dried out husk;
in the scent of freedom place your trust.

So much is beauty, so much is light;
with a touch of pain falls the veil of night.
Sunlight touches dewy fields;
passion flairs, sorrow yields.

Rising mist obscuring sight,
rise above in lilting flight.
Strong Earth below, warm wind above -
each is vital, each is love.


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