Sunday, June 17, 2012


Everyone's gotta be somewhere
Harmonies within a symphony
In golden light and deep dark shadows
You'll find many small fragments of me

A billion drops within an ocean
Countless photons fire the starry skies
A lifetime's built from whips of air
All our buried feelings, fill every lover's sigh

I have been woven into fabric
A single solitary thread
A life crossed by so many others
A cloth transcending life and death

I am dreamed into finite being
During a dream of eternal peace
Am I the dream? Am I the dreamer?
Will awakening mean release?

I know you recognise me
My brand is seared into your grain
Our dreams are dreamed together
Seperate yet together, we eternally remain

Monday, June 11, 2012

Balnarring Beach

I've been kicking these same old stones for years
The general store at Balnarring Beach
Near where it is said Andy and Meg owned
A home on Cliff Road, perhaps the new one
Above the point where I met the dolphins
That chilled Spring day when I surfed it alone

Sometimes I walk and at others I run
Along dusty back roads and Merricks Beach
Today I take it slow, noticing waves
And dancing seaweed in shallow rock pools
Philip Island still wears the morning's mist

The sand is strolled by old people and dogs
A perfunctory nod, a gappy smile
Speaks of hidden longing for youth long passed
I wonder how long will it take the tides
To expose bones I've buried on my shore
Locked with a brass key is the seaman's chest
Consigned to the deep my tired confession

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here comes the Son

Driving through driving rain
You beside me singing
"Here Comes the Sun"
School uniform and scruffy shoes
What great good did I ever do
To earn the priceless gift of you
As my son?