Saturday, December 22, 2012


She trails a stick behind her
Walking on the foam where
Waves meet the sand
Bares her youth in her belly
Flat, feminine and tanned
Hidden behind shades I
Pretend not to see
She flashes a smile
I know
She sees right through
Old fool me

A waterman his face is split
By wind and salt and sand
Cracks so deep his skin looks
Like old pavement
Emerges from a Kombi
Rolling tobacco
Making tea
I wave he nods
Looks quickly
And out to sea

Dusted cinnamon by Sun
They are drawn
A place of gathering
Tonight a fire will glow
Out near the point
I will still be there
Angels may arrive tomorrow
Today don't bother me
On the beach and in the Sun
The Golden Breed

Shoreham 23/12/12

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Whisper to me angel
Place red lips beside my ear
Tell me tales of elegance and night
Your beauty breaks upon me like
Summer's first warm wave
Weave me a dream before
You merge into the light

I rise upon the hope of
A golden new born day
I drink from a heart shaped cup
Of mist and wine
My mind stained with experience
My blood stained black with ink
My soul tattooed with
Mandalas of time

Sing honestly sweet angel
Part the veil and draw me in
Your song echoes in the chambers
Of the night
Chant a new and haunting mantra
Engrave it on my heart
Weave of me a dream before I
Merge into the light.