Friday, June 7, 2019


Have you noticed Amanda Redman's scar?
It runs down her bicep to her forearm
Like she's been burnt with lead or tar or
Scalding boiling water
We know Bob Dylan cannot sing
But his vocal range is not the thing
That made the faithful wander in
And kneel at the feet of this Messiah

The dice are thrown, the charts are set
I'm north and east, you're south and west
I'd draw you out but you'd suck me
Back into you
I have a chest, I have a bum
And the saltine tang of my pre-cum
Resting clear upon your tongue
Will leave you in no doubt
as to my gender

"I've seen your flag on the marble arch
Love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken
In the pub down by the sea
He sang it true he set it free
And something deep inside me
Flew off to you

Like I knew you
Just like I knew you
Like I knew you
Just like I knew you

Monday, June 30, 2014


Compounding complexities
Singular singularities
Beauty found in glowing hues
Eons to grow
Precious to lose

Now comes the time
Now comes the turning
The scales have tipped
The chances burning

Infinite infinities 
Crucial chronologies
Footprints pressed into sand
Wash away
As will man

Now is the time
Reclaim the learning
Restore that for which
Your heart is yearning 

Wave after wave
After wave 
After wave
After wave
After wave

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For Ayla

We are sent
A tide each day
It washes in 
It takes away
There is an end 
To every start
You can hold the love
But not the heart

Life is carried by
A Summer breeze
To which we all
Must be released
Life is fragile
Light and fine
Let it float away
Like dandelion ...

Love is not 
A prisoner of time


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Japanese Silk Rope

Bound by gentleness
Wrists wrapped and tied
Arms lift willingly 
Inviting the knot
Expertly applied

Plants in the bathtub
Lush, green and wet
Rooms a faint echo
Magic diminished
No candle is lit

Warm Hastings Sunday
Soft morning sunshine
Stay in bed dreaming
Where does one find
Japanese silk rope?

Was that a whisper?
The brush of her hair?
A nail rasps my skin
A sigh escapes me
Her scent's in the air

Alone an Earth Angel
A lingering poem
Essence of beauty
Half a world away
Walks by Stowe Pool

Strong as steel cable
As soft as a dream
Bound at foot and hand
Within bars of bliss ...
Silken surrender


Straight from the fray
Fresh from the bed
Naked and languid 
Creamy hips draped
In creamy silk
Penetrated, devoured
Erotically oozing
Musk and emotion
And life and cum

Grounded angel
Bare breasts and belly
Shyly admiring
Her ravaged reflection
"I feel quite wanton" says she
Never have I seen
More erotic 
And impassioned
Never have I 
Like this before

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hidden Garden

Tangled walled garden
Blood red plush velvet
Wild hidden rose
Imagined ...

Viscous vermillion wine
Long stemmed heart shaped glasses
A key creaks in a rusted lock
A gown rustles on the stone stair
A warm wind
A feather wafts
To earth

Saturday, December 22, 2012


She trails a stick behind her
Walking on the foam where
Waves meet the sand
Bares her youth in her belly
Flat, feminine and tanned
Hidden behind shades I
Pretend not to see
She flashes a smile
I know
She sees right through
Old fool me

A waterman his face is split
By wind and salt and sand
Cracks so deep his skin looks
Like old pavement
Emerges from a Kombi
Rolling tobacco
Making tea
I wave he nods
Looks quickly
And out to sea

Dusted cinnamon by Sun
They are drawn
A place of gathering
Tonight a fire will glow
Out near the point
I will still be there
Angels may arrive tomorrow
Today don't bother me
On the beach and in the Sun
The Golden Breed

Shoreham 23/12/12