Monday, August 20, 2012

Water Man

Each poem is about you
and every song a
different point of view
of how you move or
breathe or dream ...
It's always
about you

I'm a water man
the sea runs through
my blood
steer my tides
my days and nights my
emotions and my moods

I knew you ...
I knew you before
I kissed you
wrote for you or
screwed you
Can you see
it through? Coz ...
it's empty without you.

The wind is running
from the North
swells are breaking
down the point
Salt stings
cracking lips
I barely hear the voice,
I whisper my choice

so beautiful and broken
A storm of ryhme and chaos
at the centre of my ocean
I have lived a life
sifting shifting sand,
always about you
I am a waterman

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