Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rubble and Faith

In shrouds of mist
a silvery light burns,
calls me from home
through the twists
and the turns.
Rubble and faith
shift under my tread;
the road is a mystery
to both living and dead.

A Moonless night;
all I can see
is what faint starlight
reveals to me.
Beyond the next step
deep darkness is cast
and blackness swallows
the tracks of my past.

Unwaveringly I focus
on the shining light;
melting the mist;
splitting the night;
calling me forward,
ever on;
my ears are filled by
a Siren's song.

I do not fear
or falter my step;
I turn my mind from
pain and regret.
I open my heart,
fix my gaze
and walk blindly into
the darkness and haze.

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