Sunday, October 7, 2012


She flips on my hat, cross legged 
Sits naked on the bed
"No room for big brains
In here," she says
Silky, black hair cascades over cinnamon
A lustrous cocoon
I turn my back, she attacks
Laughter fills the room

"I go home Monday
You come to Hong Kong someday
Live on spine of dragon
All your cares are gone"
An ocean lies between us and
It's more than just the sea
I smile and look away
A million things to say that
I ... don't say

Tomorrow is sand
Sifting through my fingers
She is gone but
The scent, the taste still linger
"You think about her,  Round Eye"
She scowls and growls and
turns her pretty head
"Not your concern China Girl
Come on back to bed ..."

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