Monday, September 17, 2012

The Flow

A warm, errant wind rattles the chimes
The bush is coming to life, Spring's on the rise
The Sun whispers gently to petal and leaves
Bees laden with pollen hang in the breeze

I sit in the warmth and doze in the Sun
I dream of the things my life has become
I close my eyes and open my mind
I create a vision, leave illusion behind

Love flows through my being and cascades over my soul
Its path and its purpose are beyond my control
Love moves through me and in me, I delight and I yearn
A spoonful is given, an ocean returns

I watch new life blooming and hear nature's song
These truths I am feeling I know are not wrong
I set the rail of my board and leave all else to chance
Ride the perfect wave of life's most beautiful dance

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