Thursday, September 29, 2011


I will grow a herb garden
at my home.
A garden that decorates and enhances more
than the vista.
One that provides sustenance and flavor
to food and soul.
Replete with spice and herbs which waft aromatic
Mediterranean and exotic eastern scents
through the still, warm air
on summer evenings;
so that Shanghai, the Adriatic, Morocco
and dreams of Tuscany
are never far away.

This is the garden on which I will focus,
and through its careful tending
hope to attract back some of that which has been lost -
Produce to enliven hearty soups and stews in winter and
add zest to the salads and grills of summer;
consumed with gusto by
those I love be they family or friend or ...
I will strive to provide for all and nurture all
by sustaining this garden.
I will know this garden’s needs
and in knowing will understand
the needs of others
and confess to them
my needs in return.

The dog and I only, know what bones lie
Beneath this fertile soil.
Bones not for entombment but to be preserved
and claimed when the time is right.
Spirits of garden and field
roam with Sabina amongst,
Rosemary, Oregano and Basil.
Marjoram and Fennel exude mists of olfactory intoxication,
and I inhale – momentarily entranced,
but never sated.
For passion which has died cannot be resuscitated
by herb or spice or tired effort,
and this alone can never again
be enough.