Saturday, December 28, 2013

Japanese Silk Rope

Bound by gentleness
Wrists wrapped and tied
Arms lift willingly 
Inviting the knot
Expertly applied

Plants in the bathtub
Lush, green and wet
Rooms a faint echo
Magic diminished
No candle is lit

Warm Hastings Sunday
Soft morning sunshine
Stay in bed dreaming
Where does one find
Japanese silk rope?

Was that a whisper?
The brush of her hair?
A nail rasps my skin
A sigh escapes me
Her scent's in the air

Alone an Earth Angel
A lingering poem
Essence of beauty
Half a world away
Walks by Stowe Pool

Strong as steel cable
As soft as a dream
Bound at foot and hand
Within bars of bliss ...
Silken surrender

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